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Rosemary Gardens Neighborhood Association
2004 Chili Cookoff
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2004 Rosemary Gardens Chili Cook Off
Sunday August 29th

There are NO RULES to this contest. There is no entry fee. There is no minumum amount of chili required.

Maximum of four people per team, anyone you want: adults children, neighbors, family, friends, whatever.

The Grand Prize will be 2005 annual passes for a family of Four to Paramount's Great America, Bonfante Gardens, and Crocodile Dundee's new Waterpark at Great America. Prize value is around $300.

Additional prizes given for second place, third place, the People's Choice, hottest chili, and best vegetarian chili.

10 AM: Committee to start setting up for the day's events

11 AM: Booth set -up for contestants begins

2PM: Cooking of Chili to commence

4PM-6PM: Anyone who wants to will be judging your chili for the People's Choice Award

5:30PM Judging by the panel begins

6:30 PM Winners announced

7:00 PM Clean-up committee breaks down the event

We will provide: a 10 x 10 shaded tent, a six foot long table, a propane stove with two burners and one can of propane OR an electrical outlet source if you use a crock pot or hot plate, trash recepticles, serving gloves, serving cups, utensils, napkins, plastic tablecloth

You might want to have: cooking utensils, crock pot, pans/pots, hot plate, ice chest for ingredients, cutting boards, decorations for your booth, hair nets, paper towels, buckets for dish-washing, tub for hand washing, anticeptic wipes for hand washing,....... Not necessary- but whatever will make you most comfortable.

Pre-prepared ingredients are frowned upon, though they will not disqualify you.

Judges will keep in mind your on-site creativity.

The People's Choice Award: Throughout the day, people may buy tickets for $1, in order to taste all contestant's chili. Their votes will be tallied up by 6PM at the latest.

Please be ready to serve your chili to the People's Choice Judges beginning at 4 PM, though it is okay if you have it ready before that. Make certain you have enough for all judges, including a panel of four non-biased judges.

We recommend at least 2 gallons, though you should monitor your supply throughout the day, so you have enough left for the official judges!

If you have any questions, or you need an entry form, please e-mail Liz Guthrie at or call at 408-230-0978

Drop off entry forms at 1303 San Juan Avenue, in the black mail later than August 15, 2004!

Rosemary Gardens Neighborhood Association